Behind the Short Story: Kthulhups

Published by Juglart on

A fan asked me where the idea behind “Kthulhups” came from. If you have not already done so, you should read “Kthulhups” now. (Spoiler Alert.)

The deliveryman, or the postman, goes to someone’s home to hand over a package, which is generally a rather low risk, which I have had the opportunity to experiment with  summer jobs, a long time ago. But, one day, everything can switch. By combining this simple premise with the myth of Cthulhu, the story can become interesting and offer a humble tribute to Lovecraft’s work. The “K” in place of the “C” at the beginning of Cthulhu is a nod to a short comic strip of Moebius, in which a president goes on a “Ktulu hunt”. Finally, the reference to customer service is a nod to the webcomic “User Friendly” where it would be question of customer support and … Cthulhu.