Behind the Short Story: Lt Starkus

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Lieutenant Starkus is the first short comic I publish. I hope you enjoyed it (you can read it now if you didn’t read it yet).

As it’s a first time, I take some time to give some explanations about it. I was looking for a short comic project, when I decided to participate in a friendly art challenge on social networks. This challenge was #NovEncre2017, a sequel of the well known #Inktober drawing challenge. The basic idea of such challenges is to make and to share a drawing per day, each day of the month. Each drawing is based on a word prompting a theme.

After participating in the 2017 edition of Inktober, I decided to participate in NovEncre, but with the idea of making a short web comic from it. This web comic is “Lt Starkus”, the first of the short comics I publish on this site.

The 30 prompts were the following:

The 30 drawings made during the challenge have been included following a quick storyboard established the first day of the challenge:

For the record, here are two of the 30 drawings posted on Twitter during the challenge:

And I thank Nicolas A. for his friendly and critical help for translating this short story!

>> Read “Lieutenant Starkus”