Falling, in Love: New Comic Book!

Falling, in Love, the second title in the series “A selection of short stories” is now available in a physical edition (“Comic book” Format), but also in a digital edition (PDF Format). Follow this link to know more!

A new story: Love and Covid (1)

The coronavirus pandemic (Covid19) causes many very serious dramas, but also small problems. It is one of those little concerns that this one page micro-story highlights. Sometimes a little humor is welcome. Other micro-stories on this topic could follow … Read “Love & Civid # 1”.

First Comic Book

My first comic book is available! You can receive it at home by mail delivery via a print-on-demand service called Artithmeric. This book exists in French and English versions. This first book, ‘The doors of reality’, brings together 40 pages of short stories. Some have already been published online, but Read more…

Playing with the 9-panel grid

In the short story “Don’t  cheat on me“, I had fun playing with the pacing of the story through a 9-panel grid (In franco-belgian bande dessinée, we speek of a “gaufrier” – waffle iron – of 9 panels). A 9-panels grid looks like this: The 9-panel grid represents a rigid Read more…