Free Comics

Discover some short stories you can read online for free!

The little comics below are a playground and a place for experimentation. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, often strange, these stories are to be read without moderation. Some of these stories are or will be published in physical or digital books, along with exclusive stories.

JUN. 2020

A one page micro story about a first kiss at the time of a pandemic.

OCT. 2019

A little story about the life of comics’ superheroes… That takes place in a park!

JUN. 2019

An archetypal group of adventurers embarks on a quest in a medieval-fantasy universe that holds many surprises.

APR. 2019

In a world where superpowers rule the world, incidents may occure.

JAN. 2019

There are things going on in specialized retirement homes for Alzheimer’s patients … At least that’s what this little 4-page story suggests.

OCT. 2018

Don’t cheat on me…. I told youDon’t cheat on me! (5 pages)

SEP. 2018

A disturbing story in the genre Fantasy: Sword & Sorcery … And Dark Humor! (8 pages)

JUN. 2018

Come and meet Ironface in a Western that may not be that classic… 7 pages of Weird Western!

MAY. 2018

How far can you go to defend yourself and your family? Where is the limit not to cross? Would you cross it by reading this 7 page drama?

AVR. 2018

An intergalactic delivery man must deliver a package to an orbital station … Six pages of Science Fiction and Humor.

MAR. 2018

Spaceship pilot Lt. Starkus crashed into an inhospitable planet. Will he manage to survive? You will know it by reading the 10 pages of this short story.